Azure IoT Central Is An IoT Application Platform That Builds On Top Of The Azure IoT Platform

Amit Agrawal
4 min readOct 12, 2020

Cloud computing is one of the best entrants in the tech market. Due to its wide array of powerful applications, cloud computing is rapidly being embraced by different industries. It has stepped into different industries such as healthcare, logistics, real estate, laws, entertainment, marketing, and many more. Every now and then new innovations are being introduced in the market. Existing technologies are updated.

Azure has launched a new innovation namely Azure IoT Central. A mobile app development company helps to develop dynamic advanced applications. Are you curious to know about this innovation? Well, let’s get started with its introduction first:

What Is Azure?

Azure is a top cloud computing service of Microsoft that is actively being used in different industries. Cloud computing services store large chunks of data electronically in a single system. It gives the flexibility to access documents anywhere, anytime, provided internet connection should be there. You can resume work from where you left off, or start new work from anywhere — you just need your login credentials.

It not only safely stores data but also manages and optimizes it. Microsoft Azure significantly helps to reduce workload and increase sales. It is a great idea to develop an app integrated with advanced solutions — you can take the help of a mobile app development company.

What Is IoT?

IoT stands for the Internet of Things. It is a technology that interconnects multiple physical devices over the internet and provides human-like solutions. In the last few years, IoT has brought about disruptive changes in the tech-driven world. Healthcare is at the top in actively embracing IoT to get an advanced solution. We are moving towards a world that will be driven by these advanced technologies. Alexa and Siri are the best examples of the application of IoT in the day-to-day lives of people. IoT app development services have to help businesses to integrate this advanced technology.

What Is Azure IoT Central?

Microsoft Azure IoT Central is a fully-managed and highly scalable SaaS solution. SaaS solutions are one of the most versatile and widely used models of cloud computing services. Microsoft IoT Central is developed to build enterprise-level Internet of Things solutions. It removes the requirement of cloud solutions and allows us to easily connect, run, and monitor IoT devices. According to the International Data Corporation, by 2020, the global spending on IoT will have 15.6% of compound annual growth rate and the estimated market size will be $1.29 trillion.

Microsoft Azure IoT Central helps Azure by providing high security and reliability. It reduces the entire cost and complexity of the development process. Using IoT central, you can increase your business just by focusing on IoT solutions. Are you thinking of integrating IoT into your business? You can take the help of IoT app development services providers.

The Features Of Azure IoT Central

Low-Code Environment: The drag-and-drop feature helps in easily distinguishing device attributes. IoT central allows you to easily connect a device to Cloud without much hassle.

Faster And Easier Data Analysis: Azure IoT central has expertise in analyzing data. It can rapidly and accurately analyze large chunks of data. It analyzes device data including time-series information. Here, device IDs, device groups, and telemetry values help in analyzing data. You can take the help of the Internet of Things solutions to bring fresh and new solutions.

Provides Top-Notch Security: Microsoft IoT Central, with the help of the Azure Active directory, ensures a high level of security. Along with this it also offers Two-factor Security as well as Authentication groups. They ensure even better support, security, management, authorizations, as well as authentication.

Industry-Focused Solution: Azure IoT Central is developed to customize the service as per the need of organizations. Ample industry-specific templates are available such as retail, energy, healthcare, and government. Internet of Things solutions is high in-demand.

Why Use Azure IoT Central?

Azure IoT central is highly secure and is designed to provide an enterprise-grade solution. It is industry-focused and can be catered according to the need. The main use of Azure IoT Central is to quickly and easily connect with IoT devices. It functions as a bridge between business applications and IoT data. Azure Cloud solutions help in giving dynamic solutions to businesses.

Wrapping Up

Azure IoT Central is the only app platform that is built with the properties of highly secure and scalable IoT solutions. It significantly helps enterprises to take risks and expand their empire. IoT devices help to reduce the workload and automate lots of regular tasks. But, it is quite complex to integrate IoT devices. This has resulted in an unforeseen pitfall. 88% of businesses that have adopted IoT see it as critical to business success. Some see technical barriers as constraints whereas others see a lack of skilled workers as obstacles. To eliminate all these limitations Microsoft has introduced Azure IoT Central. It is time to integrate Azure cloud solutions into a business to stay ahead.



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