Does Lack Of AI Makes Robots Uncompetitive Compared To Human Factory Workers?

Amit Agrawal
4 min readAug 13, 2020


In this era of technology, we can get things done easily such as Driverless cars, drones transporting packages and chatbots noting our fast food orders. The entire things of robotics and artificial intelligence are now considered as the next level industrial revolution. It always comes with fear about a large work pressure losing its jobs and means of creating a place to live. During the time of the first industrial revolution hit, industries and mass productions illustrated employees to the cities and mass.

Manufacturing placed individual’s craftsmen out of firms. Customers could get items at a faster and sustainable rate and that was the best part. Honestly few workers were replaced. At the same time, along with the revolution, new jobs were produced, and the employment level became high. Cloud computing services permits you to organize resources where they are needed on request, at a moment’s notice.

Fears about the new robotic revolution

Obviously, technology will remove many works –-it had already done so. And estimation about those work losses levels from a few million to over a trillion, as a recent study revealed.

Why this modification? Because no one can estimate precisely all of the jobs that robots and artificial intelligence will assume from humans in the coming generation. We are not aware of where technology will take us. Artificial Intelligence Solutions are categorized by computational precision and fast handling, permitting your industry to function faster and rise exponentially.

However, we cannot estimate the numbers of current jobs /careers that new technology will produce.

Indeed, even today, there are a massive number of innovation occupations that didn’t exist ten years prior: State-of-the-craftsmanship programming, information science, web security, promoting and deals. There is no enthusiasm to admit that the requirement for people to make and oversee new innovation will diminish.

What’s more, in created nations, with near compensation information promptly accessible for different businesses, far fewer individuals are eager to enter low-paying maintain power sources of income that require no reasoning and that don’t permit individuals to have a better than average manner of life. Youths who pass secondary school normally have trainedspecific abilities that permit them to enter the workforce with aptitudes that are required. Others settle on professional specialized or junior college programs where they figure out how to utilize the most recent innovation.

China is a prime model. Computerization, through mechanical technology and AI, has moved China to a significant monetary power in the worldwide economy. In view of its emphasis on computerization and new innovation, China presently trades definitely more than it imports, and subsequently, is huge, affecting the worldwide flexibly chain. There are employs — the signis the correct preparing of individuals to work inside a situation of mechanical autonomy and AI.AI Development Company supports the organization in AI enlargement.

Humans create, and humans control.

Robots and Artificial intelligence have been created by people — they are apparatuses that we can utilize when we give the correct directions. The fact is that people and technology must cooperate, people in charge and the technology giving what it is modified to give. The possibility that technology will substitute the requirement for imaginative reasoning, critical thinking, administration, cooperation and activity is fairly senseless at the present time. Custom Software Development Company provides services for designing, planning, generating, deploying, and managing software.


Robots and AI will unquestionably displace employments — exhausting, hazardous, and filthy ones generally. Consider coal excavating, for instance. Several numbers of people’s despite everything needs to go down into a mine and discover coal? Why there is a need to expose themselves to dark lung sickness and a big group of other medical problems from that activity? This is the purposeof coal mining regions ceasing to exist. Youngsters in these towns are preceding onward to the more brilliant activity possibilities. Also, technology is assuming control over what’s left of the mining business.

Besides, human resources are quite reasonable and reliable. Robots have no means of feelings or integrity and do not have conclusion-making capabilities to manage tough situations. Computerization can be only being performed when robots are nourished with programs by humans. According to the research in the United Kingdom, robots and artificial intelligence will generate more jobs than they take, in later times. Robots lack the capability to create or imagine things as eventually, they are machinery under human control.



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