How To Build A Decentralized Blockchain App?

Amit Agrawal
4 min readMay 29, 2020

In the modern era, blockchain technology has become exciting and is capable of allowing the data blocks to be securely recorded or stored in a chain model. The advancement in the blockchain app development services has created a reliable network that allows data transmission among peers.

The advantages of blockchain technology stand to provide a beneficial edge to the applications in the market. As the data blocks are added, it generates every single transaction they require to validate the network.

Introduction to decentralized applications or Dapps

Decentralized applications or DApps differ from the conventional cross-platform app development applications and they are not dependent on the traditional client-server network model. Their model essentially required a centralized controlling authority in order to maintain the network-sharing and authorize the changes accordingly.

Some of the key features of decentralized applications are:

1. Decentralized- It means that there is no single controlling power

2. Open-source- It is highly evident for cross-platform app development and means that the code is equally available to everyone

3. Incentive- The crypto tokens are utilized to facilitate the users

4. Protocol/algorithm- Rewarding network participants in order to generate the tokens a

5. Blockchain- Data is stored cryptographically under blockchain

It also facilitates storing the information in blocks chronologically for any blockchain app development company. This means that once an exchange occurs in a blockchain network it is instantly shared with the connected members of the same network. Decentralized applications are dependent on the blockchain principle where entire computation is based on each node solely. The network is also capable of offering various unique features to benefit the application having a complete set of transaction records.

How to build a decentralized blockchain application?

If you are determined to conduct decentralized app development then it is important to know that they come with certain challenges. The decentralized features are creating smart contract features essentially requiring experienced developers or skill sets. Let us learn how to start the project:

Have an idea- Just like every other business and project the first thing to prioritize is the project idea. Blockchain technology has indeed become a buzzword and not every blockchain app development service can manage its business processes without it. Hence evaluate your idea and requirement to build the decentralized app and clarify it to a greater extent.

Analyze options and do competitive research- Analyze the existing market and your options. From the technical standpoint there are a number of ways through which you can build your own DApp. For instance, use an open blockchain for your application and create a private network using blockchain software. It is easy to build the blockchain network on the most suitable platform and for further assistance integrate the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) model for your application.

Choose a platform- You can either outsource the project by hiring any blockchain app development company or choose any platform for developing your blockchain decentralized application. Some of the excellent options include ethereum, hyper ledger, Ripple, R3 Corda, etc. Choosing any of these platforms will have an influence on the skill set of your developers.

Start the development- The process of building decentralized application depends on various aspects like-

● The language and platform that was chosen for the project development

● Interaction and transaction strategy among the connected devices

● Consensus mechanism

Analyze all these features closely and the development will include the stages as business> design> preparation stage> app development> deployment> maintenance and support.

Advantages of decentralized blockchain app

The market of decentralized blockchain applications is by far the most saturated hyperchain application development segment. Majority of the users have access to it and the advantages of these applications are:

Easy transaction- Various institutions strive to offer mobile services to their users in order to facilitate transactions. DApps are useful because they help to resolve the issues of rejected transactions, exchange rate, commission, etc.

Efficient cryptocurrency exchange- This application is more convenient rather than buying or selling the cryptocurrencies through the mobile application. It supports quick exchange and has the potential of exponential growth.

Maximum security- The security of this application is a major advantage. Most of the mobile applications are vulnerable to attacks because of the involvement of middlemen. However decentralized blockchain applications do not have any such involvement which makes them secured throughout the transaction or communication.


Blockchain has become a powerful technology all across the hyperchain application development or other constraints. These applications are comparatively more secure than any other and allow fast international transactions under a transparent storage medium. it ensures that the data or other information cannot be altered by the unauthorized person. It is the perfect choice to build a decentralized blockchain application at your disposal. Make sure to undertake extensive part of developing the application and emphasize on the marketing strategies to ensure its success.



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