List Of Potential Features Of Javascript Made It Worth To Embrace For Web Development

Amit Agrawal
4 min readSep 11, 2019

Software development services, including custom web development services, use various languages. but the JavaScript has been their favorite one. JavaScript, popularly abbreviated as JS it is lightweight, interpreted and compiled programming language which has first-class functions. In addition to these functions, JavaScript comprises of prototype-based object orientation, curly bracket syntax, and dynamic typing.

It was released on December 4th in the year 1995 and is extremely popular since then. JavaScript has been the backbone of the world wide web as well as website development along with HTML and CSS. The main advantage of JavaScript is that it enables web page interaction with users which has now become an inseparable part of web applications as well as websites. JavaScript also consists of APIs which work with text, arrays, dates, regular expressions, etc but rely on the host environment for features like graphics, networking, and storage.

The Potential Features Of Javascript Which Make It Worth To Embrace Web Development Are As Follows :


The client-side JavaScript is faster than all other programming languages used for website development due to its ability to run in the client-side browser immediately. It saves time and thus a very strong point to be considered as far as web development is considered. JavaScript remains undisturbed by the network calls to the backend server unless and until the outside sources are required. There is no need to compile the whole code to run it in the client-side server, which in turn, gives major speed benefits over other programming languages.


JavaScript is simpler and easier to implement when compared to other programming languages. This benefit of JavaScript attracts new developers who are enthusiastic about building websites and gaining professionalism in this to learn and implement codes easily. The simplicity of code enables the developers to detect errors easily and rectify it without any kind of hindrance or ambiguity. The simplicity of code is another factor why it is believed to have the potential of embracing the web development category.


The most interesting feature of JavaScript is its interoperability due to which it can be used in a variety of websites and web applications. The codes of JavaScript can be inserted into any kind of file regardless of its extension. This facility is not available in any other programming language like PHP or SSI Scripts. In addition to it, JavaScript can be used inside the scripts which have been written in other languages such as Perl, PHP, etc.


JavaScript is versatile in a massive way. It can be used in many ways through Node.js servers. JavaScript can be used to bootstrap node.js with Express. Also, on the other hand, it can be used for front-end clients. An entire JavaScript app can be developed including both the front-end and back-end by using JavaScript as a programming language only.


JavaScript releases regular updates since its release. Updates of JavaScript are released by EcmaScript annually which contains various changes and improvements which are further examined by enthusiasts, developers and various website design services. Regular updates of JavaScript come with attractive features that make it more and more efficient and compatible to use and implement for website design services.

Universal Support

JavaScript has the universal support of web browsers for a long time. All the modern and most popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (Microsoft Edge), etc supports JavaScript. JavaScript has built-in interpreters which are also supported by all the popular web browsers globally. UI/UX development services use this feature to build interactive services.


JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language to a great extent. In JavaScript, the object can be defined as an associative array augmented with a prototype and the objects can be named by using two different notations namely dot notation and bracket notation. The properties of JavaScript can be added, rebound or deleted during the runtime which is rare and one of the most attractive features of this programming language. It also has a huge number of built-in objects which makes it easier for the developer to build and implement programs for web designing as well as web development. Some built-in objects include functions and date.

JavaScript consists of prototypes, unlike the other object-oriented programming language which consists of classes and inheritance. The prototypes can simulate many features which are class-based in JavaScript so that it becomes equally efficient in programming.

It also consists of functions. In object-oriented programming languages like JavaScript, functions have multiple usages such as a function that can be used as object constructors. Also, functions can be used as methods. All of these features open the doors of opportunities for web developers to construct a highly interactive website or web application. In addition to it, JavaScript consists of other OOP concepts like arrays and literals.

Imperative and structured

Though JavaScript is mostly object-oriented on the other hand it supports structured programming syntax too. In addition to it, JavaScript has function scoping with added keywords (after 2015) and supports both block and function scope. It also has the feature of automatic semicolon insertion which minimizes the errors in a program.


These features enable UI/UX development services to use JavaScript as their spine so that they can increase the prospect for it. In the coming years, it is predicted that JavaScript will be the prime choice of software development services as well as the website design services, including custom web development services.



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