OTT Platform ZEE5 Turned Its Mobile Website Into A Progressive Web App (PWA) For 5.X Web Reach

Amit Agrawal
4 min readJan 20, 2020


With the launch of PWA, OTT platform ZEE5 experienced a big change by turning the mobile website into a progressive web app. This has enhanced customer experience as well as increased acquisition manifold across markets. This helped in increasing the reach among people from urban to rural areas.

ZEE has been one of the top producers of original content and has always understood the ever-growing demand for consumption of seamless content without any kind of interruption or hindrance. After turning ZEE5 into Progressive Web App to increase the audience reach by 5X.

In their early days, ZEE5 had announced a number of announcements with Israel’s top technology startups that helped in this exponential growth of the firm. They worked hard on giving optimum and superior technological experience to their customers. This advancement was to be brought to its 8.9 Mn peak DAUs, who use and watch content from this platform.

The PWA version of ZEE5 has now improvised with the collaboration with the Kaltura player. This enables the users to experience a whole new dimension of the web streaming of the massive content library on ZEE5. The biggest benefit of progressive web app development is fewer efforts and more results than the Android App Development services.

The idea behind launching its Progressive Web App version

The idea of launching a PWA version of the platform will benefit ZEE 5 very much to PWA development companies as well as ZEE5. The Progressive Web Apps can load faster and do not take space on the smartphones, and the interface of these applications feels just like the normal native applications.

ZEE 5 has kept its large audience in mind while taking this decision and they know that the existing users will love this update. Along with that, there will be new people who will get attracted to it because of the content and the new progressive web app development as well as the design of the platform.

Many users have smartphones that are not up to date or might be having low specifications that may make the native applications to lag. But, that is not the case with progressive web applications, they work on any device that has an internet connection and a web browser.

There might be some phones that do not have sufficient space to install all the applications that the users want to use and that is why progressive web apps are what the users will prefer because they do not take any space on the smartphones of the users. Android app development services have also started working on this issue of the users. The PWA version of ZEE 5 will help the users who face network issues, this application will take less time to load the content and will function smoothly, the content will be streamed even in the poor network conditions too.

This is not likely with any other streaming application and ZEE can take advantage of this to penetrate the market and grab 5 times audience. ZEE 5 has always catered to all the needs of their audience and they are improving their services every few months and this can be the biggest update made by them, the shift from a native platform to PWA can help them in ways that may bring the great profit.

A complete solution to all the challenges

As said by their CEO, Tarun Katial, they are in a business of entertaining the people of India 24x7. They have changed the content game in the online streaming application, and now they want to change the way it can be accessed. With such a huge audience base and a lot of potentials still left in progressive web app development, they are making strategies that will surely hit the right spot. The Indian audience wants new content and that too in a way that can be easily streamed even if they have a poor network connection or a smartphone device with low storage and PWA solves both these problems for them.

After releasing more than 100 originals ZEE 5 wishes to promote them to the maximum. The Progressive web application is the kind of platform that is being used around the world by new enterprises for the development of their applications because of its advantages over the native applications.

Their interface feels the same as the native platform applications and yet they don’t affect the performance of the device on which they are used, they do not require any space to be used, they do not require a high-quality internet connection to load the content and to stream the content. A PWA Development Company can make the kind of applications that may benefit the modern businesses to a great extent. The businesses can Hire PWA Developers instead of android app developers or iOS app developers, they may give them a better solution for their business.



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