Welcome Mean Stack and goodbye to LAMP Stack

Amit Agrawal
4 min readApr 15, 2019

It is now so easy to ensure that your server is always in running condition with the help of Node.js. In addition to this, add on the best data storage layer along flexibility with the help of NoSQL and MongoDB.

This perfect combination works amazingly well for the computer network that makes the custom software development company opt for it. Even the web application development can be standardized with Express.js and web application interactive gestures can be done with the help of Angular.js. This will give out MEAN stack for the development purpose.

MEAN or LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Stack

Now, with time, developers understand the importance of MEAN stack over LAMP stack. The most vital point in this structure is that LAMP is not that flexible as compared to MEAN. This is making developers opt for MEAN stack on a wider level as the custom software as a service. The main reason is its simplicity and flexibility that holds a lot of power over LAMP. In addition to this, gone are the days when WordPress was known as web development. Now it has web development has taken a front seat in the development world.

Let us get the main difference between the two technologies.

MEAN Stack

When it comes to web app development, software development Services depend onuser engagement. Due to which the most feasible frameworks and technologies are used. This opens up a number of options for the development company to opt for. One of these is the MEAN Stack that gives the best platform for modern applications. This development works on major of four components.

· MongoDB — It is extremely ideal for document database that makes it easy to work on back-end application. The data of website development company is stored in the form of JavaScript Object Notation — JSON documents.

· Express.js — Another form is used as the framework for the development process. It works well with Node.js that helps in web application back-end.

· Angular.js –It is the framework that is used in the web application for front-end. This works well in the JavaScript code that helps in the development process. Especially when it comes to user browser, then the dynamic nature of application UI can be maintained.

· Node.js –The custom software development company depends on Node.js as well due to the runtime environment in JavaScript. This will help in ensuring that implementation on the back-end of the application process is easily maintained.

As mentioned above, one thing is clear that MEAN is ideal for the back-end, server, and front-endin JavaScript. However, it is essential to ensure that all the processes are covered up in a single language only. The idiomatic driver of MongoDB helps in accessing the database. Even the interaction is facilitated with the help of drivers that uses concepts of JavaScript. It depends on async and objects executing with functions of callback or promises.

JavaScript — Ruling MEAN Stack

The custom software as a service, JavaScript is used to write all the lines of code. Whereas, when developers were using LAMP then they were working with JavaScript for client-side and PHP for server side. On top of that, MySQL was used to send queries. However, this is different when it is the MEAN stack. In the MEAN stack, JavaScript is the main language that is used to work with MongoDB which is considered as its binary version.

The simplest thing is that in software development Services, it is the best for server and client side due to a single use of web app development. On top of that, it is scalable and fast to work with. On top of that, there is no need to work with two separate teams for client and server management and development. Just one developer can work on both and even switch sides if necessary. This is a great way to save money and work in an extensive manner for development.


The best thing about MEAN is that there is a large community that helps a website development company to understand the major concept. So, don’t wait up and embrace the overall concept of development with MEAN.



Amit Agrawal

Amit Agrawal Founder and COO at Cyber Infrastructure Inc which is an custom software development company.