What will be the Future Impact of Artificial Intelligence?

Amit Agrawal
4 min readJan 7, 2020


Artificial Intelligence has triggered some major concerns for the future of mankind and has also broadened our imagination to be able to believe in what is to arrive and what can be achieved.

Today as we have AI being implemented into our lives whether we like it or not. Sometimes we do not even know or understand the degree to which the artificial intelligence programming has been implemented, however, the results keep us at a happy place.

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that creates a scenario where the machines can work and behave in a more intelligent manner. The major concern with this technology lies in the hypothetical case when the AI might get smarter than human intelligence and can take over the control of humanity. Here, one must bear in mind that the current status of the AI is much ‘milder’ and ‘weak’ to place it correctly.

However, the experts in the field are working towards creating AGI or the strong AI which is programmed to outsmart human intelligence. This might sound thrilling but has also caused some major concerns to a large number of thinkers and specialists.

This brings us to the birth of a new branch of AI, which mainly works towards the safety of the AI and to make it more ‘controllable’. This is quite a necessity, as the various tasks assigned need to apply the ‘morals’ and ethics of humanity when implemented. As a machine is, after all, a machine, it has been programmed to perform a task without any flaws, so any form of ‘obstacle’ or ‘reconsiderations’ for the route of execution will definitely be beyond its capacity.

This means that you will be rewarded with a task well-performed, but, the results will be completely devoid of any human-considerations. The next-level AI is the ‘Superintelligence’ in the future to serve the human race. In theory, this is basically to be able to offer complete eradication of poverty, diseases, and wars. However, on the flip-side, it also nurtures the possibility of outsmarting human intelligence altogether and confining the human race into nothingness. Let us explore a few more dangerous possibilities of artificial Intelligence programming went wrong:

Decision making

This will suffer to quite an extent as the flip-side of digital life is definitely a code-driven ‘Black box’. This means that you simply do not have access to input to the tool, so you cannot essentially assess the outcome. This could mean breaching of privacy, lack of independence and loss of power.

Loss of job

As more and more tasks are taken care of by the machines, it is only a matter of time that there will be massive loss of jobs in every sector.

The abuse of data

This is one of the prime matters of concern. As all the data can land up in the hands of companies and ultimately the government, there is a fat chance that there might be a loss of ethics and values on the way as the digital system simply does not recognize them. As the system runs a global network, it might become increasingly though for any form of control later on.

The next in the books of the tech-makers is the artificial intelligence app development. The implementation has already arrived in the form of:

Face Detection

The Face is identified and recorded in the form of digital images.

Image labeling

To enhance the user’s experience to make it more interactive.

Landmark detection

This is one of the prime examples for artificial intelligence app development, where finding specific points in the 2D images is simplified.

There has been a massive race in the mobile app development services to be able to implement the technology of artificial intelligence. As this is sure to enhance customer services further. A few major applications considered by the android app development company are :

To optimize the Search Process

The AI will definitely improvise the search process, corrections and suggestions.

Audio and Video Recognition

This basically includes the ‘Chatbot’ feature. SIRI is one such example in order to simplify authentication.

Behavioral Patterns

one of the leading users of AI chased by various android App development company is the study of behavioral patterns. This basically applies the integration of algorithm which will analyze a certain behavior of the user. This will enhance the sales process and recommendations.

As one can easily observe that the future of artificial intelligence programming has already arrived. We have opened our doors to the machines and have been relishing their services to no-ends. But, like any other uses of technology, we as responsible citizens need a proper sense of regulation and safety. This has called to the proper implementation of human-based ethics into the various technological applications of future use.



Amit Agrawal

Amit Agrawal Founder and COO at Cyber Infrastructure Inc which is an custom software development company.