Why ASP.NET Core is the best option for web application development?

Amit Agrawal
4 min readJan 28, 2020


ASP.NET is the most successful and amazing web application development framework that was developed by Microsoft. When used for application monitoring and combined with performance tools, ASP.NET becomes a strong solution to build incredible applications.

This is called to be the best framework because it offers a lot of scope in handling the development challenges. Also, there is an enormous number of features that can be added to your applications to boost their performance.

The Microsoft has put a lot of effort to make this framework a success and to keep the users updated with all the latest changes that they would be bringing in. The companies which are either Microsoft partner or working over the Microsoft .Net framework, essentially take help from Microsoft Technology Associate(Either by employing them or through consultation).

*Microsoft Technology Associate is the term used for the qualified IT executive who possess the expertise over Microsoft technologies aka development, database and IT. A reliable IT company working with microsoft technology or Microsoft partners keeps MTA for the IT tasks as per standard.

ASP.NET is the best option for web application development

Below are the reasons why ASP.NET core is considered the best option for web application development.

1. Not restricted to a single platform

Microsoft software development is now not restricted to the particular platform. According to Daxx research, there are around 23 million software developers around the world which is expected to rise 27.7 million by 2023. The .Net framework started 20 years ago, and is now more famous than ever before. Around million websites using .Net framework, it is a proven cross platform app development solution. The users need not to restrict themselves with the windows operating system alone; in fact the asp.net can work in integration with the variety of cross platform technologies such as Java/Scala, React, Node etc.

This framework completely allows its users in choosing the kind of operating system they would like to run their application which again is a bonus.

2. Enhanced performance and support for dependency injection

Asp.net core has the fastest performance as compared to any other framework and it also supports dependency injection which is an inbuilt feature in this framework. This feature is wonderful because any issues related to extensibility and testing of the application will all be resolved. This inbuilt feature gives a great sense of redundancy of these problems and makes the application development less complex.

3. Customization of applications

We have already seen the versatility of the asp.net core and now there’s no wonder about how this could be used in designing and customizing various applications that cater to the needs of clients. The reason why this has such a versatile framework is that it has an open-source platform that uses dot net compiler platform. So the companies providing asp.net development services should hire .net developers who can help build them the applications as per the client requirements. Also the customization during and post development phase is important things to be considered while hiring the resources.

4. Open-source with convenient coding

ASP.Net has the most effortless and convenient code formulation. With any framework that needs the development of web application or designing of a web page like in SharePoint app development, coding plays a key role. This is because depending on the reliability of these codes, the result mutually depends. So, there’s no need to worry about the coding when it comes to this framework. With this, all the web application development processes are all much simpler with less complex codes.

Also, asp.net has an open-source feature like said before and this makes it more approaching. The developers do not have to worry about any kind of updates because the features offered by this framework are meant to reduce the burden on them. There is extreme transparency and scalability with this framework. With this, the developers will have sufficient smut of codes and repositories for the application development based on the client requirements and all of this is going to save their time and money.

Open source is one of the best features that this framework has come up with because it lets you get updated with every minute thing fork time to time and this makes ASP.Net a best option for the development of any web application.


With the increasing demand for technology languages, we should be looking for a technology that can improve the present situation from better to best. Also, a technology that can help us to get considerable growth in our businesses. This is exactly what the developers from Microsoft have researched and have come up with this super-efficient ASP.Net framework.

For those companies or individuals, who are looking for stable and cost-effective business growth then this is the right framework. With this framework, the Sharepoint app development process is easy and therefore business are investing over it. Due to all these outcomes, ASP.Net has become the best option for developers to develop web applications.



Amit Agrawal

Amit Agrawal Founder and COO at Cyber Infrastructure Inc which is an custom software development company.