Xamarin vs PWA: Which is the best approach for you?

Amit Agrawal
5 min readApr 27, 2021

Before deciding anything for your business it is very important to know what exactly your requirement is? Like is there any need for cross-platform areas for the people around them or they must select the platform that is easy to work with?

When the computer was first discovered in the form of desktops any people who had it in their house were very lucky. As the time is passing day by day new technology is coming up and making the life of the people easier. There are so many applications that work seamlessly with or without the internet. There are so many PWA Development Company have a lot of experience in this field and will provide the best service.

Now you can find a lot of mobile application development services that are being used for both ios and android users all over the world. Some applications are made for the entire platform whereas some are restricted to some devices.

What is Xamarin?

It is mainly an open-source platform application development where the single technology stack is made of. NET. and C#. The cross-platform application comes up with the development for the platform such as Ios, android, and many other platforms. Xamarin has made this process a lot easier as this helps the developers to reuse the 95% of the coding that results in faster and easy creation of the application.

This even allowed the developers to attach a C# logic to the visual interface. That helps in sharing and designing code for multiple platforms like Windows, Android, or ios. This even helps the developers to come up with customized applications specific to different platforms like Android, Windows, or iOS.

Benefits of Xamarin app development:

  • Native user experience: this app development helps in coming up with a native or near-native experience with the use of Xamarin. Forks. The framework even has access to the native APIs that are mainly used for the upcoming platform like ios, and Android. The framework even ensures the creation of convenient UIs for the platform like ios, Android, and windows.
  • Single technology stack: the app development make sure that the business does enjoy the time effectiveness and even easier for the developers to create such. With the help of a single language in the technology stack that is C# helps in creating different solutions even without switching to the environments. the single technology helps the developers to learn as well as use it.
  • Shared App logic: 95% of the code can be easily used for the tasks for the platform. This strategy helps in reducing the development time and significantly reduces the effort for the development of the application. The developers can run this single codebase on multiple platforms by giving a minimal charge. The website development service knows the demand of the company this can be the best move for both small and large businesses.

What is a Progressive web app (PWA)?

It is a very new phenomenon and most of the business started trusting and capitalizing on its capabilities of mobile and website software this helps in creating immersive user experience and even helps in increasing the user engagement and conversion for your business. The Progressive web app development has a lot of experience and will make your business get more target audience.

Benefits of PWA:

  • Low development cost: there is no requirement for different version devices with the help of a single progressive app helps in meeting the requirements of all the endpoints on which it mainly operates. So this helps in significantly reducing the number of efforts that the developers put in and even reduces the cost to create the PWA decrease. If compared to the native app, PWA app development take three to four times lower cost.
  • An app-like feel and look: The technology and preference are developing day by day. Most mobile users prefer an app that can be easily browsed as an application compared to the application. This helps in coming up with user friendly and can even be operated offline and come with an attractive user interface. PWA comes up with advanced user experience by combing the feel and look of mobile applications but can be used in a browser. This can even work offline and comes up with an excellent user experience. The design and the setting are very much similar to the native mobile applications and provide the best web experience.
  • Fast installation: there is no requirement for a long and complex installation process that helps in improving the user experience. In this way, the users can easily download an application, quickly and directly to their device and there is no need to finding the application in the app store or google play store. Via the desktop icon, once the app is downloaded by the users.

Any app development company of Android or Apple will be glad to use the services of either Xamarin and progressive web apps. Both come up with their set of pros and cons that the developers have to keep in mind before selecting any one. Xamarin can come up with an effective role when it comes to creating a brand. PWA and Xamarin both belong to cross-platform mobile development that is the category of the tech stack.


In terms of app development tools, PWA needs maturity in the market. The business shows are familiar with the native app for those Xamarin apps are best. This helps in maintaining the business application for those who mainly want to maintain the business applications. The business that wants to provide a high-quality experience to the customer them Xamarin can be the best choice.

In this distribution channel, Xamarin is mainly dominating where the absence of PWAs on renowned mobile application marketplace is in PWA can be one of the disadvantages. In this way, you can even miss an opportunity for the target audience by promotion coverage all this can be costly as a small business owner. It’s very important to select the best web development company for your business.



Amit Agrawal

Amit Agrawal Founder and COO at Cyber Infrastructure Inc which is an custom software development company.